• Corticosteroid used to treat inflammatory conditions
  • Most common ophthalmic side effect: posterior subcapsular cataract, developing in 25% of patients who use prednisone 15 mg/day for 1 year or more, or equivalent doses of other corticosteroids
  • Slowly progressive visual loss in both eyes, but may be asymmetric in two eyes
  • Opacity on posterior portion of crystalline lens, usually visible only with ophthalmoscope or slit lamp biomicroscope
  • Warn patients that cataract is likely complication of chronic prednisone use
  • Refer patients who report visual impairment and are using prednisone chronically
  • Discontinuing prednisone does not reverse cataract but may halt its progression
  • Cataract extraction has high chance of restoring vision provided there are no other causes of vision loss