Thyroid Eye Disease Center

Coordinated, specialty care for patients with Graves' eye disease

Kellogg physicians provide the advanced, multidisciplinary care that is essential for patients experiencing the multiple symptoms and effects of Graves’ eye disease. In addition, these clinician–scientists are widely recognized for their groundbreaking research on treatments for Graves’ eye disease and related autoimmune disorders.

Our team of specialists includes orbital surgeons, strabismus surgeons, orthoptists, and neuro-ophthalmologists who are expert and experienced in the unique needs of patients with Graves' eye disease, also called thyroid eye disease or TED. This team works closely with others in the U-M Health System to provide the multispecialty care needed to treat the wide range of symptoms experienced by our patients.

Coordinating patient appointments

Our clinic staff is here to make your care as easy as possible. They understand that many of our patients travel from around the world to this clinic and are also routinely seen by physicians in more than one specialty. The staff will coordinate appointments with your endocrinologist and ophthalmologist, as well as any other specialist you need to see. 






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