1. History
  2. Exam
  3. Photos
  4. Diagnosis
  5. Teaching Points

Case 121 Diagnosis

Birdshot chorioretinitis

Differential Diagnosis

  • Pars planitis: typically see “snowbank” exudate over the pars plana without the retinal lesions
  • Punctate inner choroidopathy: lesions are generally punched-out scars with variable pigmentation
  • Other multiple evanescent white dot syndromes: less vitreous inflammation
  • Primary intraocular lymphoma: confluent, yellowish-white chorioretinal infiltrates with perivascular sheathing
  • Syphilitic chorioretinitis: RPR/VDRL/FTA-ABS positivity
  • Sarcoidosis: elevated serum angiotensin-converting enzyme level, hilar adenopathy on chest X-ray
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