1. History
  2. Exam
  3. Photos
  4. Diagnosis
  5. Teaching Points

Case 118 History

  • 21-year-old man with loss of central vision OD approximately one week ago
  • Vision stable or only minimally progressive since he first noted the symptoms. No associated symptoms such as floaters, redness, pain, or photophobia.
  • Recent immigrant from the Indian subcontinent
  • Past ocular history : unremarkable
  • Past medical history: recent positive screening tuberculosis skin test, with history of previous bacille Calmette-GuĂ©rin vaccination against tuberculosis. Chest X-ray one month ago was normal.
  • Medications: none

Ronald W. Slocumb, M.D., Resident
Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of Michigan
January 2008

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