Welcome to RetinaDx

RetinaDx is a unique forum designed to provide ophthalmologists and retina specialists an opportunity to share their experiences in the diagnosis and management of retinal diseases through a case presentation format. 

RetinaDx makes it easy to raise questions about a particular diagnosis, begin a dialogue, and collaborate on publication of case series.

RetinaDx Features:

  • Easy navigation tabs for review of the patient’s history, exam and imaging studies
  • Concise diagnosis and differential diagnosis
  • Practical “Teaching Points” that can be applied to everyday practice
  • Discussion board for comments

Additional features:

  • Ability to post a puzzling case for comment and opinion by others
  • Image library – a great way to test your knowledge or just review diagnoses
  • Can browse through previously posted cases

Again, welcome to RetinaDx.  I hope you enjoy using this website and encourage your feedback.


David N. Zacks, M.D., Ph.D.


Medical information provided by the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center through its website must be considered an educational service only. The information contained in RetinaDx is not meant to replace a physician's judgment about a diagnosis or management of any given disease or disorder.

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