The Advanced Therapy Program

Tremendous advances in the fields of molecular genetics and stem cell science over the past two decades bring us to the verge of a revolution in ophthalmic treatments. With better understanding of the genetics and mechanisms of eye disease we can now develop rational therapies that target the underlying causes of vision loss.

Building on these discoveries, the Advanced Therapy Program at the University of Michigan’s Kellogg Eye Center is developing new treatments for eye disease through gene therapy, stem cell-based therapies, small molecules, and the artificial retina.

A vision for the future:  gene therapy to treat the “untreatable”     

The Advanced Therapy Program at the Kellogg Eye Center was created to accelerate the translation of basic science breakthroughs into effective therapies for patients. Our initial focus is on developing new gene therapies for retinal dystrophies—conditions that are passed down within families and profoundly affect the sight of children and young adults. Most retinal dystrophies are currently untreatable.

We are building on the first successful gene therapy trials to establish a therapeutic pipeline for retinal dystrophies. Advances in treating inherited retinal degeneration through gene therapy will then provide the platform for treating more common conditions such as age-related macular degeneration.

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