Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Are you considering facial cosmetic surgery?

Our patients have many reasons for deciding on facial cosmetic surgery. Some want to restore the look of vitality that can diminish with age. Some decide cosmetic surgery will help them feel more attractive and confident at work or in social settings. Others simply want to look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside.

Whatever your reason, we invite you to come for a consultation at the Kellogg Eye Center’s Facial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Our surgeons are highly-trained specialists who have a unique vantage point: their training begins with the eyes, the feature that defines the face and reveals the individual.

With extensive experience in surgery of the eyes and their surrounding structures, our physicians are accustomed to performing very delicate and precise surgical procedures. They are board-certified surgeons and full-time members of the University of Michigan faculty. Each has fellowship training in oculofacial plastic surgery and is a member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

At Kellogg, you will find a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where doctors as well as patients enjoy a unique, small-scale setting. The Facial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is located inside the Kellogg Eye Center, just across the river from the University of Michigan Hospitals. You have all the advantages of a major academic center within a smaller, more intimate environment.

We invite you to review this website to learn more about your options in facial cosmetic surgery. If you would like to ask questions or make an appointment for a consultation, please call us at 734-764-5106.

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